The Dori Story


Dori, a contemporary fashion jewelry label founded by Bhavya Airan was launched in 2016 in Dubai with a vision to showcase Indian artistry in a contemporary way .The brand thrives on the philosophy that jewelry is not just for an occasion and the designs fuse Indian heritage with a playful, contemporary vibe.


The word Dori which means “to bring together” is used to bring together the workmanship, design, stones and quality into one beautiful piece of jewelry that is handmade with love. Exploring the multifaceted skills and arts of India and giving it a fair platform, lies at the heart of Dori.

Asa brand , its a vibrant brand that explores simplicity in structure but stands out in terms of its workmanship. Weuse natural & semi precious stones like pearls, turquoise, amethyst, coral amongst others to create beautiful pieces. Raw, natural, semi precious stones sourced mindfully from India, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, to name a feware worked upon by skilled artisans in Jaipur to bring the versatile designs to life. All pieces are handmade, nickel free i.e. hypoallergenic and 18k gold plated. Each piece is ethically made keeping in mind a sustainable approach.

The brand caters to the modern fashion savvy person who wants to have a one of a kind creation. We keep the pricing as competitive as possible while not compromising on quality in terms of material, design and workmanship. It can be categorized as a bridge brand in terms of its positioning.

The brand is now carried & stocked at several retailers in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, US, Kuwait & India and has its own fast-growing ecommerce and social media presence that caters to its global clientele.

Bhavya Airan

Extremely passionate about fashion, I have worked in the Middle East retail fashion industry for over 13 years now. Previously heading the marketing department for Splash (Landmark Group) & then leading the marketing team for the AlGhurair Retail brands (Springfield, Morgan De Toi, The Face Shop amongst others) I decided to chuck it all to give my own dream a fair shot and Dori is a result of that.


Each time I went to India, I was astounded by the kind of intricate work that our artisans produced. I try to provide a platform for the work they do & that’s howDori started in a small workshop in 2016.


My love for exploring has led me to over 60 countries, where I have collected memorabilia, tattoos and inspiration for our collections.

I was born in Mumbai, raised in Singapore and now call Dubai home. I live here with my husband, two lovely cats & a dog

The below interview with the conscious collaborative gives a little more insight into why we do what we do smile Happy reading !!


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