Dori is a Dubai-based contemporary jewellery brand founded by Bhavya Airan in 2016. Meaning “to bring together” in Hindi, Dori takes inspiration from its name and fuses heritage with modern design to create bespoke jewellery.

Born out of love for tradition, Dori aspires to create a fair platform for artisans in India to express and honour their craft. Using old school techniques that have been passed down from many generations, each Dori piece is lovingly handmade using quality natural stones and hypoallergenic metals.

Dori is stocked at some of the Middle East’s most prestigious retailers such as Signature Studio, Tryano and Urbanist.


All of our collections are made using ethically sourced natural stones and hypoallergenic metals.

From brass, silver to gold plated hardware, we use only pure metals for our jewellery to provide long-lasting wear and comfort for our customers. Our raw natural stones are sourced ethically and sustainably from countries such as India, Sri Lanka and Madagascar.

We also work in a closed loop system, where we repurpose materials from unsold pieces in making our new collections.


Inclusivity lies at the heart of Dori.

Made for women by women, every collection begins and ends with the customer. From everyday jewellery to bold statement pieces, there will always be a Dori piece made for every woman.


Driven by her love for fashion, our founder Bhavya Airan worked in the Middle East fashion retail industry for over thirteen years. From leading the marketing department of Splash (Landmark Group) to the marketing team of Al Ghurair’s retail brands such as Springfield and The Face Shop, Bhavya took a leap of faith and followed her dream.

Inspired by her love for travel and nature, Bhavya launched Dori out of her passion for creating beautiful things. From vintage memorabilia to intricate tattoos, she combines her penchant for culture with the design philosophy of wabi-sabi to create timeless pieces of jewellery. Apart from instilling beauty and confidence, Bhavya hopes for her customers to feel a connection with her pieces, and hopefully pass them on as heirlooms for the next generation.